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We help integrate online, mobile and transaction data

We find that many organisations with a strong web and social media presence either do little with the data these two sources throw up, or struggle to make it usable in a customer context. Our solutions around web and social have one clear goal in mind: Add to our understanding of the customer with web and social data and, add to our understanding of how web and social work for us through a customer lens.

Integrating web data:
How many pages? How many customers?
How many unique visitors? How many of my star customers?
How much time spent per page? What are potential win backs looking for?
How many bounces? What correlation does browsing patterns have to repeat behaviour?
Keywords searched for most often? Do my best customers come in with a specific need in mind? Or do they browse around?
Page-wise metrics What are discount-seekers looking for?
What pages do high frequency loyalists drop off at most often?
Integrating social data:

When it comes to social media data, the challenge is always that of all analysis around it being independent of any analysis on customer or transaction data. We help you overcome that challenge and add insight to your customers in the following ways

  • Connect social to transactions
  • Use social profiles in segmentation, model builds and campaigns
  • Target sharper on social
  • Understand the link between social and transactions

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