The CART App

An app that publishes key metrics for clients

What is The CART App?
The CART iOS and Android App publishes key customer metrics for clients.
Its objective is to create customer obsession amongst the team of customer obsessed brands.

How does it work?
•    Individuals can download and install the App
•    They will be given a pin number to login to the App
•    On logging in they will be instantly be shown key metrics of their brands

What metrics does it show?
•   Member Base (or Customer Base)
•   Active Member Base
•    Program Contribution
•    Same time last year base + enrollments
•    Repeat Revenue
•    Email Capture
•    Ticket Size

It also shows, in addition to the base metric, a 12 month trend, and a comparison to same time last year.

Download the Demo App:

A Demo version of CART is available on PlayStore and iStore.
You would need to search for 'Cartesian metrics' in Playstore/iStore.

Your PIN for accessing the Demo App is P3652P6YG8.
You need to enter this PIN in the app only once (unless you sign out from the app).




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