Campaign Management

We help execute automated, analytics based campaigns

Managing campaigns is a blend of science, art, and discipline. The key components are around the setup of a Campaign Management System (CMS), testing to understand what works, and analysing campaign results.

Campaign Management:

We handle the campaign management process of data preparation, list pulls, holdout of control groups, creating campaign cells, handling multi-wave/multi-stage/multi-media campaigns, seeding, response calculation and ROI measurement. We handle automation of event or trigger based campaigns, integration with SMS and email service providers, and work alongside your creative agency to execute the campaigns.

Direct Marketing

We come in with the analytical aspect of direct marketing – what works when it comes to list, offer, creative, timing, response options etc. We come in with experience across industries, and help you build your own rules through testing at a campaign and across campaign level.

Email Marketing

We have significant experience in optimising email marketing campaigns – subject line optimisation, improving conversions, how to segment customers basis their behavioural data captured from email marketing, how to analyse response and reconcile differences between Web Analytics data and Target-Control data.

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