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Analytics to drive customer value, decision making and profitability

The analytical needs of online firms are more complex than most offline businesses as the maturity levels of these firms when it comes to data use is typically higher, the data sources are cleaner and there's just more of the data around if you look at web browsing, feedback, response, and social media data. Most online firms don't have the problem of getting how to use analytics to drive customer behaviour or other business decisions. We often find however, there is not always experience and maturity around putting the principles to use, and taking sound action from what the data throws up. That's where we come in.

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Our experience

Our experience with online businesses has spanned e-tailers and market-places, travel and ticketing. We have designed loyalty programs for online business (and at times told them why a particular approach will not work for them), done customer analytics to improve segmentation, target better, run better campaigns. We've aided merchandise decisions, looked at seller-side analytics, figured next-best products or services to sell for each customer, helped work email templates that give better response, figured how to reduce discounting, kept top management in the know.

Our solutions for E-Commerce:
  • Customer loyalty program design/audit (including helping the decision of whether you should participate in a coalition program).
  • Analytical CRM: Data driven campaigns to improve customer value through repeat, retention, cross/up sells, targeted long tail campaigns.
  • Product/Service: Establishing lifecycles, journeys, next best product, associations.
  • Pricing: Analytics to establish price elasticities, impact of promotions and markdowns, and profitability analysis.
  • Suppliers: Clustering and segmentation of suppliers, performance benchmarks.
  • Others: Reporting and dashboards, early warning systems.

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