Analytics to drive donor engagement and better decision making

With NGOs the task is primarily around helping improve the donor outreach and conversion. While this sector is diverse when it comes to application of funds collected, the best practices around how to reach out and mobilise donors are common. While the main task is often that of acquisition, there is often a substantial opportunity in building a good donor database, segmenting the base, and applying good direct marketing practices supported by predictive models to improve conversions.

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Our experience

At Cartesian we have worked with some of the most prominent NGOs globally on improving their direct marketing efforts, understanding their donors – segmenting and profiling them, and running sharper campaigns to aid fund raises.

Our solutions for NGOs:
  • Donor one-view building.
  • Segmentation and profiling of donors.
  • Data driven campaigns to encourage repeat and retention.
  • Media optimisation to assess impact of various media used for fund-raising.
  • Analytics of plans and packages, communication and campaign effectiveness.
  • Others: Reporting and dashboards, early warning systems, touchpoint audits

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