Analytics to drive customer and channel value, decision making and profitability

With CPG firms the opportunity to use analytics lies predominantly around channel, pricing and promotions, SKU rationalisation and less so in CRM and loyalty as compared to most other businesses we have worked with. When it comes to loyalty and segmentation, the focus has been on the channel – wholesalers and retailers for this sector.

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Our experience

Our experience in this sector has been with many of the top firms in the Indian market for design of their channel loyalty initiatives. We design the program – for retailers or wholesalers/distributors, and help with segmentation of the channel, target setting, and reporting. Additionally we have ascertained the relative impact of price-promotion-seasonality on volumes, have worked on the effectiveness of media spends, and worked on optimising the SKUs (width + depth) that one should push to each channel member.

Our solutions for CPG:
  • Channel loyalty program design/audit.
  • Segmentation: Clustering and segmentation of wholesalers and retailers, benchmarking performance within peer-groups.
  • Pricing: Analytics to establish impact of promotions and markdowns, cannibalisation, bundling options, profitability analysis.
  • SKU Analytics around what SKUs to push to which channel partners, right width and depth.
  • Media optimisation to ascertain what attributes of media spends impact volumes, and to what extent.
  • Others: Reporting and dashboards, early warning systems.

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