Product Analytics

We drive better product lifecycle management and NPD

Better product decisions are an outcome of a better understanding of the product lifecycle is, how it plays with other products, and what needs to be done to manage its sell throughs.

Our product-centric work includes:

PLC Management:

Analytics help you understand where your products are in their lifecycle. Predict a likely lifecycle for a product and make early decisions on production, pricing and markdowns basis the insights. We also help you actively manage the end of life of a product by helping sell in advance of deep discounting.

Product Associations

Product associations allow us to find which products are picked up together in a single shopping event – in the basket, or by the same customer over time. The analysis around associations tells us not just what associations are possible, but which of them are worth going after from a marketing perspective. In some industries, for instance one can find that it is better to sell the same product/category in the repeat transaction than attempt to cross or up sell.


From product associations an interesting offshoot is exploring bundling opportunities, to find products which, if bundled, can help lift sales and revenue without cannibalising existing sales of the products happening independent of any bundle on offer.

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